the destiny of the Sikh Path

Sikhs are half a million strong in the U.S. and belong to the fifth largest organized religion in the world. Our faith was established in 1469 in present-day Northern India and Pakistan. Our first teacher, Guru Nanak, called for devotion to One God, equality between all people, and a commitment to service – all ideals compatible with the American ethic. We pray in houses of worship called gurdwaras, where we gather together to recite and sing our sacred scriptures, poetry in praise of God.

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Written in honor of Harbhajan Singh Puri on his birthday on August 26th, 2013


The blog post is authored by Kirantana Khalsa, whom I have once blogged about on his talk of Sikhi and Nanak here. He wrote this on Yogi Bhajan’s birthday on his facebook wall, and with permission I have posted it on my own blog. In this post Kirantana gives insight into his view of the Sikh path; where it might no longer look or behave like the path Guru Gobind had left us with back in the day. This writing is from his perspective and his life experience. I value them because of the high regard he keeps Sikhi and the teachings of Nanak in his heart; and his gratefulness in Yogi Bhajan in spite of not been a glazed eyed follower hanging onto every single one of Yogiji’s words and actions.

I have…

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There must have…

There must have been a moment at the beginning, where we could have said no. Somehow we missed it.

— Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead

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